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Moving Company Chicago

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Moving & Packing Tips

9 tips to make sure your valuables come out of their boxes in good shape. Use the right size boxes. Put heavy items, like books, in small boxes; light items, like linens and pillows, in bigger ones. (Large boxes packed with heavy items are a common complaint of professional movers. They not only make the […]

Tips For Hiring a Chicago Moving Company

You may choose to do all of the packing, but do you really want to do the moving as well?  If so, you’ll need to rent a truck, a couple of two-wheeler handcarts and some pads to protect your furniture.  Then you’ll need to recruite friends to help and probably feed them.  You may want […]

Common Moving Mistakes

Forgetting to Contact Service Providers This can cause you to be responsible for paying for services that you did not use or create.  You can contact service providers as soon as you anticipate your move and provide them with a final date of service.  This will allow you to only be responsible for services that […]

Preparing For Your Move

The first thing to decide is how much of the moving work you’ll do yourself and how much will be handled by professional movers.  If your employer is paying for the move you can take it easy and watch the professional movers do nearly all of the work.  If you’re financing the move yourself, you […]

Moving With Children

Each year one in five families move to a new home, according to the United States Census Bureau.  Leaving the familiar can be tough on the psyche for anyone, but for a child it can be a traumatic experience. The only bedroom they’ve ever known might be what they are letting go, so identifying ways […]

Odd Moving Tips That Really Work

You’ve got the basics — cardboard boxes, newspaper, the phone number of a pizza place so you can feed the friends helping you move all your worldly goods. But do you have enough socks for the stemware? As with any major home project, there’s always someone out there with more experience and a host of […]